Welcome to sustainability.

Our Story

The journey of EcoGarage began in 2020 with youths who saw the various environmental issues surrounding them and their communities and decided to take matters into their own hands. Through our collective knowledge and experiences in environmental sustainability, business, and engineering, EcoGarage became a platform for us to explore various strategies and innovative solutions for combating our climate issues.

With environmental education awareness as the core of EcoGarage’s deliverables, we develop impact-driven initiatives that set out to inform, educate and prepare youths and the general public on environmental matters.

Our initiatives combine the integration of green technologies and circular practices into communities to facilitate the practical understanding and actions toward achieving a more environmentally sound and sustainable future.

We’re building a culture of empathy, literacy, accountability, and circular thinking to carve a path to a safer, cleaner, harmonious, and sustainable future.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to nurture circular thinking within our modern society to cultivate a culture of sustainability.

We believe that there is a way to do things differently where an environmentalist and a businesswoman can create wonders together for a better world. Sustainability should be accessible to all citizens at every income level. This includes sustainable infrastructures to meet the basic needs of each community such as a functional recycling system and sustainable livelihoods for the average Malaysian family.

Environmental education has the potential to spark a problem-solving framework for sustainability in every student’s mind. It nurtures one’s mind into building a culture of sustainable thinking that will contribute to a better future.

– The EcoGarage Team