Indulge in nature

Matang is an adventure-filled destination with diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

Let us guide you through the many sites and stations while experiencing the way our community interacts and benefit from the surrounding biodiversity and its natural resources!

Kuala Sepetang River

Matang Forest Reserve

Charcoal Factory

Zoo Taiping

Experience matang

Join us to discover


Learn about one of the best-managed mangrove forests in the world.


Experience the biodiversity present in this unique ecosystem such as mangrove birds, mud-skippers, cockles, crabs, and wild dolphins.


Get a hands-on experience with different types of traditional fishing gear used here by the local fishermen, and more!

A trip tailored just for you

Agenda and objectives

We prepare the agenda for your trip based on your needs and desired learning outcomes, ensuring you get the most out of your hands-on learning experience.

Educational material

We provide custom-made modules, ensuring the trip is both engaging and insightful, and that your learning outcomes are achieved.

Budget planning

The costs of the trip may be individually tailored according to your budget, needs, and availability.

What to expect

What can a custom package include?
  • Two nights’ air-con accommodation in a hotel or homestay
  • Insured boat(s) hired with life jackets to visit aquaculture fish farm
  • Demonstration of coastal fishing gears
  • Coloured modules and certificates
  • 44-seater tourist bus
  • All halal meals
  • And more!
What are the learning outcomes?

a) Understand the biodiversity present in this mangrove ecosystem.
Be able to observe live wild macaques, silvered leaf monkeys, mangrove birds, mud-skippers, cockles, crabs, and if lucky, even wild dolphins during the boat ride to the aquaculture farm.

b) Participants will be able to observe how this sustainably-managed ecosystem supplies mangrove wood to 32 charcoal factories since the 1930s.

c) Hands-on experience to see the different types of traditional fishing gear used by the local fishermen.

d) Understand why many bird species from as far as Russia, North Korea, China & even from Siberia migrate down to this mangrove every year.

e) Participants will be able to understand how this forest reserve supplies the best cockles (kerang) daily to most of the wet markets in West Malaysia.

f) Observe how the krill (tiny prawns called gragau in Malay) support a number of belacan factories in Kuala Gula.

g) Participants will understand why about 75% of all prawns, crabs, mollusks, and coastal fishes are harvested from the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia as compared to the East Coast.

h) Understand the importance of this aquaculture fish farm in preventing overfishing.

i) Understand the importance of eco-tourism here towards supporting the socioeconomics of the local communities.

How much does an ecotour cost?

Prices start at RM150 per person but the final amount will be determined by your choice of tour customisation.

About your guide

Lasal is a licensed local nature guide that has worked with the WWF-Malaysia for 41 years. He is renowned for his warm personality, in-depth knowledge, and strong relationship with numerous local communities that serve as the stakeholders for his tours.

With a Master’s in Zoology, he joined WWF-Mobile Malaysia’s Educational Unit to help halt the destruction of our planet’s natural resources and foster a culture of peaceful coexistence with nature. Years later, he is still committed to his purpose.

“My passion to educate the younger generation has kept me going. I’ve faced many challenges along the way including a near-death accident near Mentakab, being threatened by illegal poachers, chased out of a school in Butterworth, and missing the birth of my first child, but I chose to stay on till today… A good captain always goes down with the ship.”

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