Project EDEN

Education for the Environment

Human well-being and sustainable economic growth are highly dependent on the level of environmental management present within an institution or country. Sustainability in Malaysia has emerged as a critical area of concern over the years. Levels of greenhouse gas emissions have increased rapidly within the past few decades resulting in unprecedented climate change, heightened frequency and intensity of natural disasters, water, and air pollution, and degrading environmental stature.

Despite being amongst the world’s most biodiverse countries, Malaysia’s environmental performance has consistently fallen short. Several causal factors may be attributed to this, including the lack of holistic and systematic disclosure of environmental education in the country.

Project EDEN by EcoGarage gravitates towards the idea that environmental education should be utilized as a tool to build sustainable progress and climate literacy amongst Malaysians, both young and old. Thus, under Project EDEN, EcoGarage has developed a series of services to accommodate the growing environmental concern within the corporate sector, the education sector, and community groups.

In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught.

For Schools

A major pillar of Project EDEN’s initiatives is to deliver holistic and comprehensive environmental educational services to Malaysian youths. The concept of a circular economy is at the heart of Project EDEN, with its guiding principles being those of sustainable development and capacity building for pupils in secondary school. Project EDEN is implemented as part of the co-curricular activity options available to students.

With the Project EDEN co-curricular option, each planned session throughout the scholastic year will include a 1-hour module learning class and a 2-hour activity class catering to education in sustainability. Project EDEN for schools is divided into seven modules that span across the scholastic year. Each module is independently peer-reviewed by well-established experts in the field. Mentors who have undergone extensive training under EcoGarage are assigned to spearhead each module.

Learn more about Project EDEN’s Environmental Modules.

Students are given the option to choose between two long-term sustainability initiative routes to focus on during their activity period:

  • Sumber Kita (Our Resources): With this option, students will be able to understand and implement the concept of a circular economy, waste management, sustainable energy, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Biogas School: With this option, students will be taken through a thorough learning experience encompassing biogas machine operation, the creation of their own vegetable garden, data record collection, auditing, presentation skills, and event organization.

Learn more about the Sumber Kita (Our Resources) route.

Learn more about the Biogas School route.

Corporate Support

Corporates are presented with the opportunity to join EcoGarage’s Adopt-A-School program. With the program, corporates will be sponsoring a school of their choice to support the execution of Project EDEN within that school’s co-curricular activities.

Learn more about the Adopt-A-School program.

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